Vacuum Metalizing
Designed to meet customer's metalizing specifications
Design maximizes number of parts per door and reel
Heavy duty electroform part cavities
Nickel electroform part cavities are removable & easily replaced if damaged
Spring loaded door lock design
Part hold downs secure parts during metalizing process & are adjustable
Two, three, four, five and six door designs available
Parts are easy to load and unload
Durable stainless steel end plates
Drive shaft to meet customer carriage specifications
Lightweight stainless steel construction
Prototyping available
Standard Features
Metalizing reels, constructed of stainless steel, are durable and long-lasting. Design maximizes the number of parts per door and reel. Heavy-duty nickel electroform part cavities are used to produce desired mask lines on parts to be metalized. Electroform part cavities are riveted to door, therefore, removable and easily replaced if damaged.

Reels feature operator friendly easy opening panels and quick loading, adjustable part holding assemblies for holding parts in place during metalizing process.

Drive shaft of the reel is constructed to customer specification for proper fit on carriage assembly. Lightweight construction techniques are used without compromising unit strength allowing easier loading of reels onto metalizing carriage.

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